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Performance and surprisingly complete accommodations below


New model 26M from Macgregor
Sail or motor in this boat

Sailboating Parts

Coming Soon! work in progress

MacGregor Parts:

Batten Set ( 4pcs)
Boom Vang Kit
Cruising Spinnaker
Genoa Equipment
Genoa Sail
Standard working Jib
Jib Equipment
Spreader Bar (set of two w tips)
Standing Rigging Kit ( 1 forstay, 2 lower shrouds & 2 upper shrouds)
Mast carrier Arch with roller "26 M"
Mast Carrier with roller 26X
Mast Raising System
Boom 26M
Mast 26X
Mast 26M
Rudder blade
Centerboard Swing
Daggerboard 26M






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